How To Restart your Friends Phone Through SMS Prank?

Hello Xackers, I posted a cool trick some days before you can check that How To Convert text to Speech with Easy Notepad Trick?, Now you all must be shocked to hear that how to restart friends phone through SMS prank? well there is nothing to be that much shocked it's an easy trick or you can say some bugs in Nokia handsets.
Well using this trick will surely give you a feeling of hacker and also will assure the attention of your friends towards you.
sms prank nokia phones
REMEMBER: This Trick only Works on Nokia 1110 ♦ 110i ♦ 1112 ♦ 1100 ♦ 2100 Handsets.
So, Without wasting your time now I should let you go through the tutorial that How to use this SMS prank with your friends? So, follow the steps below:
  • Open up your Message box and create a new message then type 79 commas like shown below, [Yes, 79]
  • Now be sure that you have typed 79 commas in your message box which you are going to send to your victim friend.

  • After typing 79 commas enter your friends number and send that message to your friend.

Now, you must be thinking that does this simple trick actually works or not?

Well then immediately after sending message call your friend, his phone will be found switched off which means that your trick worked and your friend is Pranked by you. Isn't it sounds cool? Winking smile

And you may also be thinking that how all this actually works?

Well as i told you above that it's some kind of bug in Nokia Handsets as it crashes when victim receives these numbers of characters, So just have fun with SMS Pranks ;)

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