An Easy Way to Publish your Shared Folders on the Internet

Well as you all know that now there are many free hosting services which facilitate you to share your files and folders on the Internet such a Google Drive and Dropbox and many other, they have made easy to share and distribute the files and folders with others.

The time you upload a file to your shared folder and that file is instantly available to the persons with whom you have shared that folder. You can use your Google or Gmail account to access Google drive and there you can even create a public folder to share the files with anyone on the Internet.

But, there are some peoples which don't prefer such ways to receive files by using such services like Google drive or Dropbox they still prefer to share files using email attachments. So, the problem is how do you keep people in the loop when you add files to a shared folder.

new way tp publish your shared folder easily

Don't worry is an easy way as well as a new web service which is trying to solve this problem and the interesting thing about this service is that they doesn't even require you to create an account which is super easy for you to share file with less tech savvy peoples, you must me thinking that is this service free or you have to pay for it then let me tell you that it's absolutely free.

To get started, you just have to connect any of your Dropbox or Google Drive folder with (it uses OAuth). The folder get a unique URL that others can use to follow your folder (see this sample folder).

You are only allowed to beam files up to 25 MB in size. Most email programs won’t handle that large attachments anyway. Also, sharing is one way – if you delete a file from the shared folder, it won’t be deleted from the folders of other users.

Hope this article will help you a lot while sharing your files with the users who still prefer email attachments.

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