Google Things To Do In to find the Top Attractions of a City

Google Power Search always came up with different tools and data highlighter in it's search results for a specific keywords queries, recently Google came up with a query "Things To do In" which will let you to find the top most tourist attractions of a city, a country or of a continent.

things to do in india   Google Search

If you are travelling or planning to travel to new city, territory or country and want to know the top attractive places of that city than you can easily Google a simple query of such keywords "Things To Do In the City" this query will let you know about the top tourist attractions of the City, you can change your query with the city name you are going to visit and it will show you the top 10 tourist attractions of that city. For Example: Things To do in India or Things To do in Goa or whichever the place you are going to visit just change it with your city or country name, That's It!
P.S. It works for Continent too.

You may try a search for India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Australia, Los Angeles, London.

things to do in london   Google Search

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