How to Edit Robots.txt File in Blogger Blogs for Google SEO?

Blogger is one of the top best blogging platforms and provides its services for free which is really beneficial for those who are going to start their blogging career and even to those who can't afford to spend the monthly hosting expenses,
well for beginners it's a great opportunity to learn basics of blogging and not for beginners it's better for professionals also as it doesn't lack anywhere as much as I know, from my side I would suggest Blogger for both beginners and professionals.

If Blogger is Best then Why People Migrate from Blogger to WordPress?

It's the question asked by many bloggers specially by beginners, well let me tell you that Blogger is hosted by Google Inc. and all your blogs are hosted on Google's Server which means your blog is running on their assets  and all your data can lost anytime maybe or maybe not with any prior notice that's why people migrate to wordpress well as much as I know Google won't do such kind of thing and if rarely it does so then for sure it will give a prior notice before any of such act so you need not to worry as you can check that How to Export your Blogger Blog Posts?
Now we should get back to our tutorial about how to edit robots.txt file in blogger blogs. Firstly, let me tell you that actually what robots.txt is? well many of you must be aware about it but still for those who aren't aware here I' am giving you the short description. Robots.txt file is that file which many major search engine robots use to crawl a website and all it's content to show them in search results according to a related query so literally it helps us to make our blog search engine optimized as if we have a proper robots.txt file than it will be easy to get crawled by search engines to gain better traffic on your blog.

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To edit a robots.txt file which was unable to be done on blogger blogs as it was automated by Blogger but now as it has came up with new search preference option you can edit your robots.txt file easily, Search preference is one of the best SEO techniques provided by Blogger.

Follow the Steps below to edit your robots.txt file:-

  • Login to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Select your Blog then go to Settings > Search Preferences.
  • Then Check for Crawlers and indexing option
  • Edit the Custom robots.txt then click on Yes to enable custom robots.txt
  • Then Copy and Paste the below lines in it

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


  • Now Click on Save Changes.
  • Now log on to “” to check weather the changes have been saved correctly or not.

edit robots.txt file in blogger blogs

NOTE:- Replace "" with your blog domain.
Also Use
Sitemap: (only if you have 500 Blog posts in your blog)
Sitemap: (if you have 1000 blog posts.)

That's it! You have successfully changed your blogger blog's robots.txt file for better SEO.
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