4 Easy Steps to Start your Blogging Career

Blog is nothing but an Online Diary where you can write all about your personal experience or the niche in which you are perfect it can be anything from a daily life routine to a special techniques of a success, I must tell you that readers out there are just waiting for new things on the internet so just write whatever you want too.

This online diary is open to the whole world where they can read, learn and Blogger.svgeven give you the feedbacks, it must be cleared to you that it is totally different from your personal paper diary, As your personal paper diary is stricted to some few peoples where as your blog is open to the whole world.

Some people out there like me must be thinking to start your career with blogging without knowing anything about blogging, let me tell you that even I 'am a newbie in this blogging career I started blogging two years ago but still I 'am a newbie but yes I learn many things in each second of my blogging career.

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Steps to Start Blogging Career

1. Select your Niche

This is very important step before starting your blog, first of all you have to select your niche that in which category, topics you will be writing your blog, is your blog is on Blogging and SEO, Technology or anything which is in your interest.

2. Create a Blog

Creating a blog is absolutely free. There are many quality Blogging hosting services that you can choose to create a blog but the best among them is Blogger. I have created this blog with Blogger without even paying a penny! Want to know how?
All you need to do is go to www.blogger.com and sign up for a free account. Fill up the vacant blanks, submit the form and give your blog a name. Amazingly within seconds you will have your blog up and running with a unique web address, you can check the below video tutorial on how to create a blog on blogger.com

3. Customize your Blog

After the successful publication of your blog the next step is to customize it to your preferences in order to give your blog a more professional look and feel that may go according to your blog’s topic theme.

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4. Monetize your Blog

Now, it comes the best part i.e. monetizing your blog to start earning in dollars, well you can put ads on your blog provided by Google AdSense or many other Advertising companies, well I would suggest to use AdSense as they have higher CPC rate which will help you to earn more.

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