Google Greets with Christmas Lights when Search Goes for Christmas and Santa Claus

Christmas is just a day away and everyone is ready to greet each other with Christmas goodies and with a cheer of "Merry Christmas" well if human beings can greet each other as well as their guests with Christmas Trees, Lights and even with night bashes then why would Google left behind?

christmas   Google Search

Google Greets all those who search for Christmas and Santa Claus with Christmas Lights beneath the search bar, lights look pretty cool as well as again a great and unique way to greet its users Google always stay at it's best.
P.S. Any query related to Christmas will be greeted in the same way.

santa   Google Search

Let me tell you that this effect is nothing like a Google Doodle it's just a different way by Google to greet its visitors a Merry Christmas. Google is not any Machine or a non-living thing it's as like human being which Greets us, wishes us, helps us and much more it can do for us then why don't we wish him back? Let we all get together and wish Google by Saying "Hey! Google, Merry Christmas" Smile with tongue out lol, I know many would find it little funny but still if you want to wish Google then comment below Smile

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