PSY Gangnam Style Makes A YouTube History for 1 Billion Views

PSY is a South Korean Singer, Rapper, Dancer. In July, 2012 he came up with his new album PSY 6 (Rules Six) Part 1 which consists of 6 Tracks including the huge rage song naming "Gangnam Style".
PSY's Gangnam Style has become a huge rage nowadays not even in Korea it has became a huge rage even in the Countries like India where almost nobody understand the Korean language still everyone enjoys its beat, rhythm, dance style and much more. Gangnam Style is remixed by Various DJ's of Various Countries and it's being played in the marriage ceremonies of India.
Gangnam Style is a style of a Gangnam district basically in South Korea where it has been picked and written Yoo Gun Hyung and then sung by PSY in a K-pop music style. you can have a look over the video of Gangnam Style which I have posted below:
Well, As you can see that this song Gangnam Style's video over YouTube has crossed over 976Million views by Surpassing Justin Bieber Baby song's video within 5 months of it's upload over YouTube and soon it's going to make another record over YouTube of having 1 Billion Views of a Particular Video it has never happened before in YouTube's history.
Soon we gonna see a number hitting 1,000,000,000 views of a single video song. YouTube listed it #1 in it's Top 100 videos, and even after a launching of "Rewind 2012" series by YouTube where it has top 10 trending videos of each country. PSY Gangnam Style is in the list of Trending Videos of many countries.
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