Google Nose Beta! A New Smell Sensation Technology or April Fool Day Prank?

Google Nose is the new scent-sensation search launched by Google as said on their website, what does all these signify some points as said by Google are like whatever you want to smell are just a click away for that action and sensation.

Coming to your senses a headily written by Google that they are now trying to come to your senses, now what does that mean? are they really inventing such technology for all of us or all this is just an April Fool Prank?

Google Introduced a Google Nose through one of it's Video which i have posted below:

After watching this video many questions are innovating in our minds, that is this really a new technology? because after trying some of the queries which have smell sense enabled doesn't allow me to smell something like that, like I am unable to smell the same thing. For example: I have queried for "Roses" and when I go for smell option it says click on "start smelling" and when I do so it only have a little sensational noise from the audio speakers but nothing actually hits the senses of my nose.

Some other queries: Metals, Orange Juice, Pine Forest

In the end of searching all these queries I thought maybe my old desktop is not suitable for this new technology, so i picked up my latest technology smartphone to have try but the result was same it doesn't let my nose smell some new sensations.

So, I would like to inform all my worthy readers that yes I have been pranked by Google :p on this April Fool Day, so it's not any new technology all it is just a April Fool Day Prank sponsored by Google in the form of Google Nose Beta!

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