5 Simple Ways to Optimize your Android Smartphone Battery

1355645647_battery_two_thirdsWell as you all know that Android have became a huge rage nowadays as well as the best OS used in smartphones and people are just engaging in it enhancing it day by day for more productivity and comfort use even I am using an Android Smartphone well but all these things might be taking some part of your battery and you are left out with a nil battery sign. Well then I have something for you which suggests five simple ways on how you can save and optimize your Android smartphone battery.

→ Save your Android Smartphone Battery

Well now I will tell you that how to optimize your Android Smartphone Battery just by customizing some of the configuration of your smartphone. These options are officially built in your device and hence some of them are useless to be turned on so they can be switched down to get some more battery power.

1. Turning Off Wi-Fi - Bluetooth and GPS - These features are the awesome one and people simply love to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for file sharing and surfing, well but they simply forget to turn these features off when they are not in use, well if you are not using these features you should surely turn them off as they will be draining your battery for sure.

2. Using Less Battery Consuming Apps - Many android developers are coming up with some battery saving applications that aim on controlling your device overall functionality by getting down excessive battery usage. So I recommend that you should check for some apps like My battery drain analyzer and other ones that will surely give some more battery workout.

3. Maintain Screen brightness - Screen brightness can lead to more battery drain, so a minimal amount of brightness is good and will not harm your battery usage so something like 30% - 50% is the good amount for screen brightness and you should keep slider upto this level + if you have the option for Auto Brightness I recommend that you should surely tick that thing up and it will automatically decrease and increase screen brightness with amount of light its sensor is receiving.

4. Less Use of Live Wallpapers - Live animated wallpapers are the basic battery draining problem, if you are using live wallpaper or maybe a non animated wallpapers I will recommend that using a single color solid background simply improves your overall battery usage. So avoid any live animated wallpapers.

5. Disabling Auto-Sync of Applications - Apps auto syncing features simply allows apps to use data connection anytime they want to , so if there is any update they will automatically start updating without showing you any notification so this feature should be turned off. Well you can access this feature by going in Settings > Accounts and Sync Settings.

So, I hope you will succesfully use all above simple steps and will be able to save your Android smartphones battery, and if you also have some tips about to save battery and do share them in comments below.