How To Make a Rubber Band Long Elastic?

Rubber Band an important part of our daily life uses as it helps us in many of our daily works and even to have fun with it, you may be thinking that fun? How?? well, let me tell you that here in India we use to have
fun with different insane techniques well a rubber band is also a part of one of our technique on which we play games like stretching a rubber band and hold it with a bit of arubber band molded paper then with it's stretchiness we through it to the next person by setting target to him/her and we don't let them to know about it due to the stretchiness  of elastic the paper forms in a speed like rocket and hits the next person very hardly which causes a little pinch pain to him/her, it was all about fun.
Now, we are going to talk that how to make these rubber bands a long elastic,Muscle_RubberBand2 as you all know that sometimes rubber bands broke due to less elastic so I have an easy solution for it and make those rubber bands long elastic by just following simple steps.
What you have to do is damn easy to follow, I 'am  going to list the steps below:

1. Take all your rubber bands which you want to make long elastic.
2. Now, keep then in any of the ice freezing utensil.
3. Then refrigerate all of them for 24hours
4. After that take them out and let those cool bands to get back to normal temperature.
5. Now, Enjoy the long elastic rubber bands. Have Fun!
If you have any query than feel free to comment below Smile

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