Trick to Increase your Internet Speed up by 20%

Well nowadays increasing Internet speed may seem to be something useless but if you are a premium broadband user then you are just going to boost it by overall 20% so right now you are using like 80% and now with this trick it will become full 100%

we are just going to use 20% reserved bandwidth that windows comes by default, take reserve this limit for their internal processes so we are just going to get back out 20% internet speed from them by following steps mentioned below.


  1. Press Start and Open Run you can even press Windows + R to open it directly.
  2. Now type down gpedit.msc and press enter. 
  3. Now navigate to Administrative Templates > Network > Qos Packet Scheduler.
  4. Now on the right hand side click on Limit Reservable bandwidth
  5. Now double click on it and it will say "Not Configured" just tick the Disabled Option and press on Apply and then OK.
  6. Now just restart your system and experience a boost in your internet speed.